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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Americana Tote Bags

Well I decided to become in the spirit with Flag Day being tomorrow as well as my 12th wedding anniversary. (That's the only way my husband remembers). I decided to make 2 Americana tote bags using the same directions as the Moda Bake Shop Charm Bag which you can find here.
The one on the left is for my secret sister which is part of our pen pal group at Kotas on Split Coast Stampers. Every 4 months or so, we draw names and send each other surprise boxes. It's so much fun. There's a hint on the tote bag, but can't say whom it's for yet. I'll be posting more that goes with the tote bag on Tuesday. The other tote bag is for my twin sister who asked me to make her one so I made 2 at the same time. All fabrics are 100% cotton and I used Warm & Natural for the batting. I cut a piece of 12 X 3.5 strip of plastic place mat and made an insert for the bottom of the bag so it's more sturdy.

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Lesley said...

they look fabulous............

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